MapleJet PD-Array

High resolution, drop on demand printer designed specifically for printing onto farmed eggs using a food grade ink that complies with all European and F.D.A. regulations.

It can print onto six eggs simultaneously and print quality is optimised for each egg using a ‘ski system’ that allows for egg size variances.

It is controlled by the ProDigit controller that can design, store and print using an LCD touch screen interface.

  • High resolution printer for farmed eggs
  • Up to six print modules per line
  • Logo’s and images
  • Real time clock & counter
  • External data
  • FDA approved food grade ink in red, blue, green & black
  • Productivity of up to 30,000 eggs per hour


Productivity : The ProDigit EggsPrint can print six eggs simultaneously at high resolution at a rate of up to 27,000 eggs per hour

Food Grade Ink : The MapleJet Royal red food grade and blue food grade inks comply fully with FDA and USDA regulations

Easy to use : The LCD controller uses a customised interface that is extremely easy to use minimising training requirements for new users

Easy change ink cartridge system : The ink system uses a replaceable 180ml ink cartridge that can be changed easily and quickly with no requirement for down time

Wash resistant ink : The MapleJet Royal food grade inks are resistant to the washing process employed in egg farms making the printer suitable for both egg farms and grading stations

Individual print head ‘ski system’ control : The independent print head control system employs a ‘ski system’ that optimises the print distance for each individual egg allowing the printer to be used before the eggs are graded



Printing Features;

  • Resolution: 180 DPI
  • Max Print Speed: 40M/Min
  • Maximum Number of Lines 8
  • Height Range of Printable Characters: 1-18 mm
  • Printable languages: All Languages
  • Number of Fonts: 6 Fonts to the User Choice
  • Message Component Combination: Text+Date+Time+ Logo+ Counter+ Shift+ Barcode+External Data+Basic Shapes
  • Auto Update: Prod & Exp Date, Time, Shift, External Data
  • Barcode: All major Barcode symbologies supported (1D & 2D)
  • Counter: Various Counter Options ( Ascending, Desending,External Data, Counter, Time)
  • Ink Consumption Control System: Yes ( Ink reduction of up to 75%)
  • Number of printable messages simultaneously: 2


Physical Specification;

  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight with Stand: 31 KG
  • Controller Dimension: 300*192*60 mm
  • Conveyor Dimension: 2000*300*900 mm



  • Display Screen: 8.4˝Color TFT LCD with Industrial Touchscreen
  • Printing Channels: 2 Channels with Separate Messages
  • Print Module Connection: Up to 6
  • Connectivity: Computer, PLC,Weighing Device, Barcode Reader
  • Connection Ports: USB,RS232
  • External Database Print Capacity: More than 1 Milion Records
  • Menu Language: All Languages available on request
  • Message Saving Capacity: Up to 999 Messages
  • Password Protection: Yes
  • Input Voltage: 90 – 240 VAC
  • Power: 60 W
  • System Diagnostics: Yes
  • Ink Consumption Indicator: Yes
  • Environmental Conditions: 0-50 °c – Humidity 0-80% RH
  • Standard: CE, CSA & UL


Complementary Systems;

  • Connectivity With Third Party Software: Yes
  • Low Level Ink Warning System: Yes
  • Ink Supply System: Hybrid Ink System (auto prime), 2 X 400ml
  • Ink Types: Various Solvent & Oil based options available plus food grade for egg printing
  • Ink Colour Options: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, UV Readable plus red & blue Food Grade
  • Conveyor: Various sizes and designs available on request, custom units for egg printing available
  • Compatibility with egg packaging lines: Custom brackets for all major egg packaging lines available



  • Software: FlexiCode Message Design SW, Remote Manager Data Management SW, Vanguard Closed Loop SW
  • Encoder: Yes
  • Print Verification Hardware: Scalable based on requirements
  • Optional Connectivity: Ethernet, RS485
  • Low Level Ink Beacon: Used in conjunction with Hybrid Ink System